The Blessed Virgin Mary holding a globe of white light in her arms.   Leave a comment

Many people know that the enlightened energy that is falling upon us from above during this period of great transformations is Female, but few are aware that the divinity who is guiding the mass illuminations of today is Mary, the mother of Christ. This is why her apparitions have increased considerably in the last two hundred years, so much so that they are considered a phenomenon of our time. The Virgin usually manifests herself to children of humble origins, who are often illiterate, to give messages of love and peace, but also to warn humanity to repent and return to praying and loving God.
The sacred places in which she appeared are scattered all over the globe. Each apparition weighed not only upon the difficult political situation of those regions but also world-wide, a sort of prelude (or answer) to specific revolutionary episodes.

Posted June 2, 2011 by xarazerion

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