The New Golden Age Of Aquarius

Dear folks,

I’ve decided to open a blog to communicate freely with anyone who wants to exchange information about the changes that are going on in our bodies and on the planet during this period of great changes, which Gregg Braden called, “The Collective Initiation”.

I believe that everything that exists in the universe,

including all the mysteries and phenomenon it contains,

lives also within our bodies.

It is not a myth.

Sadly though, the vision of the ancient Greek Philosophers who believed that the part (microcosmos) contains the whole (macrocosmos) generally declined after the seventeenth century along with the development of modern science. And after modern times, this idea was mainly preserved in the realm of literature.

However, I believe that in the near future, with the event of the New Golden Age of Aquarius, the concept of <Everything Is One> will inevitably return in àuge, especially among the individuals of the New Sixth Race who are notoriously connected to their Superior Mind.

The evolutionary progression unfolding at the present moment, is manifesting itself through a rapid acceleration of events in all fields: environmental (natural disasters), social (wars, terrorist attacks, unknown viruses our bodies don’t seem to know how to react to, financial crises, and so forth) and the individual sphere of emotions. It is a period of great imbalance, which precedes a new balance. Our Fathers (Gods of Mankind) say it will end shortly. It is in full acceleration at the present moment, and, because of this, we are living in a period of transition between two worlds where everything in life seems to move at an incredible speed – a phenomenon which is under the eyes of everyone and whose side-effects are: tiredness, anguish, unease, insomnia, panic attacks, behaving irrationally, feeling lost, and so on. If you are unaware of the nature of this process, it can make it seem very frightening, whereas understanding its profound beauty and meaning enables us not only to walk through it safely but also to experience the magic of it thoroughly.


Fig.4 – Extra sensory perception of the third eye which sees in symbols.
The Earth inside the square represents the balance of the Ecosystem before 1987. The Earth beneath represents the imbalance today.
Both these conditions are perfect because the Divine Plan is perfect!
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