Fig. 51 – High Priestess of the Royal Celeste Kingdom   Leave a comment

She’s wearing a spectacular power-dress, with a pure gold top, studded with big, rectangular emeralds placed along the seven principle chakras. The gold is so incredibly soft that she even wears gloves made with this metal – they, too, are studded with emeralds. Nothing has been stitched or stuck with glue upon this dress because such things don’t exist in the Parallel World. The emeralds and the green chiffon skirt have been attached to the gold top with will power, and the gold was softened in the same way. Have you ever seen a dress as powerful and precious as this? However, what struck me most about this sort of goddess was her perfectly manicured, red-lacquered nails. They were so perfect that they seemed virtual – if not corrected by a computer!

Posted June 2, 2011 by xarazerion

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