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My daughter, Soledad, was born with a hole in the heart: a congenital defect which for twenty years never really gave her any problems. But, in August 2003, things began to change. She began feeling always tired and had persistent pain in the chest – all symptoms which are generally heart-related. Worried, I took her for a medical check-up which, thankfully, revealed there was nothing seriously wrong with her. Nevertheless, she continued feeling so weak that sometimes she would even faint. I didn’t know how else to help her, so I tried to heal her with some Reiki and the last thing I expected was that it would work overnight. At the very first Reiki session, I also began feeling pain in my chest (being an empathic medium, I had evidently aborbed it from my daughter). Tears began streaming down my face when I realised how much pain she had gone through, but then something else happened: I came out of my physical body and instantly found myself floating in space under an oval-shaped spaceship composed entirely of divine light. Snow was falling so abundantly from the bottom that, in a few seconds, I was wet from head to toe. The next second, the pain in my chest was gone! I thought this was the most amazing experience of my life and that nothing more beautiful could exist, but I was mistaken. (The wonders of the Royal Celeste Kingdom are without limits!). Then I heard sublime music, of unimaginable harmony and beauty, coming from beneath me. I looked down and saw a group of angels playing golden trumpets. They were adoring the spaceship and the snow because both were divine! The angels also danced to the music they played with peculiar, synchronic movements, just as birds do when they swoop and turn in unison in the sky, as if choreographed. The next morning, I wasn’t surprised when Soledad announced that for the first time in weeks she felt so well that she wanted to go out and have some fun with her friends. Needless to say that, from that day, she was completely healed.

Posted June 2, 2011 by xarazerion

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