ertical Time – New at every second. In the TRUE position, there is no friction nor tear and wear. Each second has it’s own eternity and own law.3/03/05 – Diani Beach, Kenya   Leave a comment

The people of the Parallel World live according to another reference system from ours where all the physical laws of the third dimension simply do not exist. This is how Mere tried to explain it in her memoirs: In the true position, there is neither friction nor tear and wear. Each second has its own eternity and its own law. The first time I had a glimpse of what this phrase could actually mean was during the following astral voyage. Diani Beach, Kenya 6.30 am.: As usual everything happened so quickly I hardly had time to realise what was happening. One second before, I was lying half-asleep in my bed, the next, I was standing with my astral body at the junction between Diani Beach Road and Ukunda – a nearby village! I wondered what I was doing there at that early hour of the morning, but when I raised me head up towards the crisp blue morning sky, there was the answer to my question. I saw a strange symbol floating among the clouds, a triangle with a crescent moon in its centre. It was definitely not human, because nothing in our world can behave like that! In fact, the next second, that “thing” instantly transformed itself into a long and flat space craft, which was so full of lights it looked like a Christmas tree!

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