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The people of the Parallel World have power over matter. This means that they can materialize things and make them vanish, or they can make them become bigger or smaller at will. I saw something similar happening once in Argentina, in 2001, when this poor country was going through the great economic crisis which brought to the fall of the government and a defaulting on the foreign debt. There were many riots and disorders all over the place due to the uprising of the middle class who had suddenly lost all their savings. One day, for a reason that to this day remains a mystery to me, I saw (with the sixth sense) a dramatic event which took place there in that dark moment of history. I saw everything as if I was physically there. I clairvoyantly saw a police unit, full of armed men, arriving at around 4 pm. at the farmhouse of some suspected revolutionaries who lived somewhere on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. (The sixth sense knows everything instantly.). They found only a few members of the family inside the house as the others were still out working in the fields. This, however, certainly wasn’t a problem for the police. They had all the time in the world to wait for them. Furthermore, they knew that another police unit had secured the perimeter of the farm completely, making it impossible for anyone to escape. At sunset, when the workers finally came home from work they saw from a distance the police cars parked in front of their house, so they immediately hid in the bushes. Surely, the agents in there were trying to make their relatives talk, even at the cost of torturing them. In fact, all night they heard their dear ones screaming in pain and they were terrified. They knew that the next morning it was their turn to be captured and tortured by the police. Only a miracle could save them, so they began praying to God and all their favourite saints to help them. After a long, endless night in the dark and cold, when the first beams of sunlight began to emerge from the horizon, the revolutionaries saw the police coming out of the house. Soon they were going to start a man hunt with only themselves as winners. Yes, the time had come to prepare themselves for a dire fate at the hands of their torturers. No one, neither them nor me watching, was prepared for what happened next. Minutes before broad daylight and seconds before the revolutionaries got up to run for their lives, three tiny spaceships, each the size of a football, appeared out of nowhere! They emitted white lights and they became smaller and smaller as they approached them. The moment the lights reached the revolutionaries, they saw themselves shrinking in a few seconds to only two to three centimetres tall, just the right size to be sucked inside the spaceships! The aliens then transported them to a mountain opposite the farm, where they released them safe and sound. They then brought them back to their normal size and cancelled the whole incident from their memory. This is why, when those men and women suddenly found themselves many kilometres from their house, they didn’t have a clue how this happened, but they didn’t care. All that mattered to them was that “God” had answered their prayers. In the meantime, the police couldn’t understand where those men and women had gone. They searched the fields with their policed dogs metre by metre, but found no trace of them. Damn it, now what were they going to tell their superiors? That extraterrestials had abducted them and taken them somewhere safe?

Posted June 2, 2011 by xarazerion

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