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The New Sixth Race and Crystals To understand fully our evolutionary story it is of vital importance that we understand the relationship between us human beings and crystals also at a subtle level. According to Edgar Cayce’s theories about creation, the long voyage our souls underwent from the time when they were floating in gas and magma, at the beginning of evolution, to when they finally clothed themselves in physical bodies, is parallel to the creation of Mother Earth as she passed from a gaseous state to a solid form. Crystals formed themselves in the depths of the earth through a long process of solidification. Cayce says that when our souls began slowly developing the sensory system and the future traits of the human body, they projected their psychic energies onto the development of crystals. The result was that the evolution of the endocrine system of our bodies grew side by side with the crystalline deposits of our planet. In this way, our endocrine system (of the chakras) became deeply influenced by crystals and gems that grow deep in the womb of the earth. Our spiritual bodies and the Earth are highly interdependent, historically and in the way they function. The more we become aware of this relationship, the more we can cross over onto the other side. The new generation is always more fascinated by crystals, especially as healing methods and to also help enhance psychic abilities. This is a motivated interest, because it expresses the primordial association between crystals and our souls, a mirror between the three dimensional sensorial world and the infinite worlds hidden inside our souls. The sleeping prophet, as they call Edgar Cayce, had predicted more than fifty years ago that when mankind and crystals would once again start walking side by side, they would enter in the New Golden Age of Aquarius. Yet another correct prediction by this exceptional medium?

Posted June 2, 2011 by xarazerion

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