Soulmates from life to life. This is how the Tibetans call those couples whose love survives even through death, and passes on from life to life.   Leave a comment

There are two types of soulmates: 1. Your twin flame, or other-half. You may have a thousand soulmates, but a twin flame is unique 2. Your soulmate, or the person you are “worthy of”. According to folklore, myths and stories through the ages all of us are divine sparks who separated from the Godhead, eons of years ago. The original soul was whole in the beginning. We were not separated, and we lived in constant bliss. The Classical Greek philosopher Plato was the first to speak about the notion of twin flames in his famous “Symposium”. He suggested that each human being was originally two people contained within one body, with two heads, four arms and four legs. They were so happy in this state that they became extremely bold, hence they challenged the gods. Zeus, furious at this, retaliated by splitting each human in two, so the two halves were separated. This dreadful event caused the twins to spend the rest of their lifetimes searching for each another. All this is legend, of course, but Drunvalo Melchizedek also remembers very clearly that before he descended to Earth’s third dimension from the ethereal levels, he was whole. In fact, to enter in the duality of life in the third dimension as it is, his soul was forced to split in two halves: male and female. He says that even today, after more than one lifetime on the earth plane, he is still searching for his missing twin. The search for true love is truly the search for the missing twin. This is why when you find him or her, you will finally feel complete. It is thought by some authorities that when two twin flames are reunited on Earth, they will experience their last incarnation. This reunification is considered a very, very holy event because it is literally the coming together of a Primary energy from Source itself.

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