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I woke with my astral body that I was floating a few centimetres above my physical body which at that moment was sound asleep. In the centre of my forehead, slightly above my eyebrows, there was a beautiful, white flower with a vividly green stem running down my nose. It was composed of two white petals with an eye in the centre. My whole vision was absorbed by this image. The moment I saw it, I fell into a profound, ecstatic state. Then I heard, who I thought was God, saying: “Ecstasy, love, orgasm (in synthesis, the energy I was feeling at that moment) is the creative force of the universe. All the prophets before you knew this, and it is the only means of communication with Me. Erasmus of Rotterdam was right!” When I heard Him comparing me to the prophets, I was afraid and fear, of course, made me descend to my physical body instantly. The next second, I woke up. The ancient Egyptians believed that the orgasm was the key to eternal life. My Fathers once told me that this concept comes from their ancestors who went to Egypt to start a new civilization after the fall of Atlantis. This is why the pharaohs are often portrayed displaying the ankh, symbol also known as the “breath of life” or “key of the Nile”. In the Royal Celeste Kingdom, the orgasm is considered of vital importance, a powerful source of life force, which they use not only to enhance their awareness but also in more mundane things, like medicine. It is a well known fact that saints, shamans and mediums of all times fall into ecstatic trances. I also began to awaken spiritually after a serious of kundalini experiences which went on for years.

Posted June 2, 2011 by xarazerion

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