Cluster of crystal energy, projected by a clear-quarz crystal, in adoration at the feet of the cross during Lent.   Leave a comment

The Grid of Love and Compassion There is a plane of consciousness which lightworkers call “The Grid of Compassion”, on which the passion of Christ was impressed for eternity. From there, Jesus carries on purifying our sins through the pain of the crucifixion. Without it, our poor Earth would have been smothered and destroyed by the forces of evil centuries ago. This is the reason why so many saints go into raptures around Easter when it comes much closer to our physical world. As a medium I, too, have been fortunate enough to enter more than once into this subtle world with my spiritual body. Mel Gibson’s famous film, The Passion of Christ, is not based solely on the Bible but upon the visions of a nun-mystic, St. Anne Catherine Emmerich, who lived in such close contact with this plane of consciousness that she could describe Jesus’ calvary and death on the cross to the smallest detail. To be touched by the passion of the crucifixion can be an incredibly beautiful experience, like none other. As I said before, I have been fortunate enough to experience it more than once because it is typical of our Christian culture.

Posted June 2, 2011 by xarazerion

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