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12 February 1996 I saw the angels for the first time in my life during an initiation concerning the heart chakra, given to me by my Tibetan teacher. The first thing the angels showed me was the perfection of this world. The world is perfect as it is, is what they said, with the wars, slums, famine, the sick, the dying, drugs addicts, chronic alcoholics, criminals, terrorist attacks, injustice, AIDS, overpopulation, floodings, earthquakes and so on. I know that it may same seem absurd that a poor and contaminated world like ours, full of atrocities, is perfect, yet I assure you that it is! In fact, the angels even showed me how true this is in a symbolic form because the third eye often expresses itself in symbols: I saw a ball reflected on a screen ten centimetres in front of my forehead on which the third eye sees: it represented the world. Thousands of tiny, brightly coloured spheres moved swiftly on its surface, flowing in all directions in what seemed complete chaos. The moment I saw the ball, I knew with the perfect intuition of the sixth sense, which doesn’t need words to understand things, that those spheres represented the events in our world and in our lives. This vision only lasted a few seconds, just enough for me to comprehend it. Then the angels spoke to me again and said: This is only the first glance. You can’t see properly because you are too close. Move back a little and look at the ball from a distance, then see what will happen. So I moved a few inches back with the zoom of the third eye and, all of a sudden, everything changed. What beauty! The angels were right! From this new position, I could see the REAL movement of the spheres which flowed and interwined in total perfection, creating beautiful, multi-coloured, geometric patterns that changed form continuously, moment by moment. Somewhat like looking inside a kaleidoscope in which the tiny, internal mirrors change their pattern with every movement. As I was admiring this lovely scene, finally understanding what it truly meant, the angels began to sing: The Divine Plan is Perfect … Imperfection is only at the first glance. What “appears” as, what “seems” like is imperfect. The truth is that everything is perfect as it is. The perception we have of reality at our present stage of evolution is not at all correct. It is only the first glance which makes us perceive life as a tough and difficult task and the environment in which we live as hostile and dangerous, with death hiding behind every corner. We believe so profoundly in this type of reality that it has become absolutely real for us, but it is not. It’s just the point of view of the people in the third dimension. If you change your way of looking at things, everything will change as a consequence.

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