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The Bird Language.

It is a secret and occult language, which the Alchemists of the past also called the “Green Language”. They used it to express esoteric knowledge, so as to hide and protect it from the ignorance of the masses. The Bird Language is very rich with symbolism and, although it is complex and intriguing, at the same time it is full of poetry and humour. It is therefore strongly related to angels.
Many spiritual teachers, both earthly and ascended ones, tell stories about the magic hidden in the songs chirped by birds. There is a profound connection between angels and birds, and it is believed that the language of one reflects that of the other. Alchemists in fact say that the Bird Language is an octave lower in respect to that of angels.
The language of the angels is not only a means of communication. The whole of creation was sung into being through it, until it became completely manifested. All the religions of the world say at some point that it was the “Verb” that created the universe. Also the Indians say that “Aum” is the sound at the basis of creation. The song I myself have learned from the angels to help me open further the fourth and fifth dimensions latent in me is so simple that it makes me want to laugh. We all sang it when we were little.

This old man, he plays one,
He plays knick-knack on my thumb,
With a knick-nack paddy whack,
Give the dog a bone,
This old man came running home.

This old man, he plays two,
He plays knick knack on my knee,

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