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17/03/88 – 7.00 am: While I’m fast asleep, I suddenly wake up with my astral body and I immediately realize that I am on the brink of a precipice, slowly slipping out of my physical body and ready to fall into a total darkness which is extremely, extremely dangerous….I cannot describe it further. I try to stop myself from falling, but the power of attraction of the darkness is so strong that it drags me towards it impetuously. It is almost impossible for me to resist it, but when I am about to be engulfed by it, the third eye appears on my righthand side in a dazzling white light. A mighty tug of war begins between the two forces: the light against the darkness. The Divine Light is guided by the third eye; the darkness, by the illusion of the Maya. The line which divides them is right between my two physical eyes. The war is between these two forces, but who will win it depends upon me, upon MY will power. The darkness tells me to let myself go (it would be so easy) but the light tells me to avoid even thinking about falling in there. It says: “Hold on to me! Think only of the Light….of the Light….think of the LIGHT….LOOK TOWARDS ME!” The Light gives me the strength and courage to resist the darkness, and I hold onto it with all my mind. I remain mentally in equilibrium between these two forces for awhile, knowing that if I should think even just for one second of the darkness, I would fall into an irreversable state of unawareness from which I would never be able to come out. After a few, unending seconds, the Light finally takes over completely and the darkness disappears. As soon as I manage to do grasp the bedsheet, I regain control of my physical body and I wake up completely. I win the battle! My Higher Self is safe, but I would never have made it without the intervention of the third eye.

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