xara2 » Tantric Kiss: These couples are already in another dimension!

While these soulmates were kissing they both felt the presence of rose between their mouths at a subtle level. She could view it with psychic vision; he could smell its perfume.

The people of the new sixth race will not and CANNOT settle down for just any love. They want to share deep love only with their soul mate because they cannot conceive a love that is less than this. The new race will carry on distinguishing itself from the old one by loving only at this level, in the same way as Homo Sapiens began distinguishing himself from Neanderthal by refining his sentiments of love. Primitive men evolved through the ages not only by finding out how to make fire and utensils to survive but also by learning how to express deep feelings of love for their companions. Homo Sapiens survived in the dangerous environment of the Stone Age because he stopped taking the women out hunting. He preferred leaving them behind in safe places to take care of the children and the old because he cared for the family he loved. Neanderthal Man, on the other hand, carried on bringing also the women hunting with them until they became extinct. It was love which made the difference even then!
Today’s new couples are taking their love even further. They love each other indifferently on all the three levels in which love exists: friendship, romantic love and sexuality, including platonic love, and some of them can even remember their past lives together. These couples are already in another dimension!

Posted February 14, 2020 by xarazerion