xarazerion3 » First contacts with the Christic Grid of Compassion .

31 October 1991 – 6.30 am.: I am sleeping on my stomach with both my hands laid out in front of me when all of a sudden I feel a sharp pain in the centre of my hands. I open my eyes to see what is happening and I see an incredible scene: my hands and also my arms are dazzlingly white and luminous. I also notice that there are two small but very painful red holes in the centre of my hands. They are shining too! I slowly turn my head around to look at the rest of my body and I find that even my shoulders have gone white. So I look up to see where all that light is coming from and I immediately find the source.
On top of my bed, there’s an antique, beautifully carved, wooden crucifix that once belonged to an eighteenth century church. The light is coming from there! I see two currents of white light flowing out of the hands of the Christ hanging on the crucifix as they descend slowly and delicately – it seems like a dance – towards my body. They flow gently down my arms, envelop my shoulders in a warm embrace and proceed towards my hands, lighting up everything they touch on their way down.
The light transmits into my heart an overwhelming love. It’s wonderful … and it touches me so! I’m a normal person, a sinner, who easily falls into temptation, not a saint or anything like that, so I just can’t understand how I can possibly have those painful stigmatas on my hands! The hands of Christ are united with mine through a white light, which is divine, because it transmits an immense love, beyond pain, typical only of a direct contact with God.
From that day on, it happened many other times. Then, one day, I tried an experiment. I took the crucifix and I hung it on the opposite side of my bed room – to see what would happen. A few days later, one morning, seconds before waking up, I felt with the sixth sense the presence of a group of people who were looking for the “new coordinates” of the crucifix. They couldn’t find it! They carried on trying to locate it for a handful of seconds, then they finally found it and everything started all over again: a white, luminous light came out of the hands of the Christ on the crucifix and descended towards my body, making me feel the deep pain of the stigmatas mixed with an ecstatic love. But if the light is omniscient, then why did those who I thought were God have to search for the crucifix? This is when I began wondering if God is really a Supreme Being, as the various religions teach.

Posted December 19, 2018 by xarazerion