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The space-time spiral breaks-up suddenly and the two worlds intersect (for about three days according to ancient Essen texts), uniting in such a way two different times.

April 30 1997
During an OBE, I suddenly found myself inside a spaceship, standing in front of a king-size computer. Since I have entered into a permanent fusion with the Seven Masters, I can sometimes see anywhere in space and in time. It happens so quickly that I don’t even realise how it has happened, as in this case. One second before I was doing my daily meditation alone in my bedroom, the next … I was in space! The moment I arrived there, I immediately sensed I was surrounded by a group of people, only I didn’t have the permission to see them. I knew (with the excellent perception of the sixth sense) that they didn’t want me to see them. It was simply a question of their privacy, and they were right, I suppose, because all I was meant to see was there, inside the computer, the rest certainly didn’t have anything to do with me.
As soon as I grasped all this fully, I looked on the screen of the computer in front of me and saw two dimensions of our world: the Parallel World we are moving into and our world, each on different points of a spiral. The spiral represented time, or rather, the movement of time in space.

This is more or less what They then tried to explain to me:

The space and time line curves and forms a spiral. The dimensions which separate our worlds are parallel on this spiral, so it is impossible for them to ever meet. Nevertheless, in nature there exists a moment in which the spiral line breaks up suddenly, in a precise way. This sudden movement causes the space and time line of the spiral to intersect for a second, uniting in such a way two different times: yours with ours. When this happens, you will do an immense leap forward in space, catapulted millions and millions of years ahead in time – in a second! It has already happened many, many times before in the past.

At this point, They even showed me how all this very complex matter could be explained in technical and scientific terms because it concerned a very physical phenomenon such as gravity, for example, which could be demonstrated with algebra, maths, equations and physics. What was so fantastic was that I could understand all these difficult explanations perfectly well while I was on Their same plane of consciousness, because I was surprisingly intelligent then, just as much as They were, but as soon as I got back to my normal condition, in my physical body, I forgot nearly everything. I wasn’t capable of bringing back with me even one of those fantastic equations and scientific theories. They were all cancelled from my conscious memory, except the essence of the matter which is as follows:

It takes an immense energy to make the space-time spiral to break-up in such a way. For this to happen, the primitive Earth (ours) must go through FIVE cycles of evolution. Every cycle permits a certain number of people to become enlightened. The cycles of human evolution are represented on Earth by an instrument called the Djed. (I had never heard this word before). Every cycle terminates with Mass illuminations. For example, after the ascension of Christ, the twelve apostles became enlightened when the Holy Spirit descended upon them in the form of tongues of fire. All of a sudden, they began to speak in different languages. Then, in time, many other saints became enlightened in Jesus’ name. The same happened with the advent of the Buddha, in the East. Thousands of people have been enlightened through the centuries with the help of Buddha’s teachings and initiations which have been transmitted to the masses through a long lineage of Buddhist teachers, from His time to ours.
Mass illuminations raise the vibrations of the entire planet. Very soon the fifth and last cycle of illuminations will be successfully completed and the Earth’s vibration will rise to such a high level that it will suddenly interfere with the space and time spiral, making it break up for an instant. At that moment, the parallel lines of the spiral will collapse one on top of the other and your time to intersect with ours. It’s always the same old world, only two different “times” getting united. This is why you will do an immense, massive evolutionary leap forward, moving through space and going millions of years ahead in time … in a second. It has already happened many, many times before in the past. The Divine Plan is Perfect!

After this last explanation, I did a research on the Djed and I found out that this mysterious object really does exist. It is an ancient instrument, found mainly in pyramids and in ancient tombs. Some Egyptologists believe that the Djed is a sort of time-machine, others instead say that it is an instrument to measure cycles. I personally think that it represents both.
The most antique Djed was found in a predynastic temple, carved 2,700 years before Christ. In the Louvre in Paris, there are many of these strange objects, taken mostly from ancient tombs. It is interesting to notice that the Djeds with three levels were found in the older tombs, while those with five levels come from the more recent ones as if to indicate that while man evolves through the evolution scheme the levels of energy to which his body has access begin to rise. At this point, one cannot help wondering how the ancients, who were one step from the Stone Age, knew all this?

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