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I was waiting for some money to arrive in my bank account – the balance of some extra work I had done during the summer holidays. I knew it had already been wired, but, unfortunately, during that week there had been a public holiday so it would probably arrive to my bank the following week. I was so broke that I decided to stay indoors and watch TV for the entire weekend.
After sometime, while zapping through my favourite channels I came across a documentary concerning crystal skulls. I was thrilled to have found such a compelling argument and, although I enjoyed every moment of it, the energy of the crystal skulls was so powerful that at that some point I felt drowsy … and my eyes closed for a second. That’s precisely when my Superior Mind connected to an ancient crystal skull I had been viewing which instantly uploaded – as a computer would – the money in my bank account! I immediately jumped to my feet to check my online bank account. Well, believe it or not, the money had just arrived!
So the ancient legends are right when they say that the intimate nature of crystal skulls is to function as computers, only we must find a way to connect to them.

There are few legends that cross over countries and cultures as crystal skull legends do. They are contemporarily shared by the Mayans, the Aztecs, the Native Americans and other indigenous people around the world (and in philosophical terms, they are recorded in Atlantean and Lemurian times). They are a mystery as profound as the Pyramids of Egypt, the Sphinx or the Naxca lines in Peru.
An old Native American legend describes the existence of thirteen crystal skulls, the size of human skulls, with moveable jaws that were said to speak or sing. The legend narrates that these mysterious skulls contain important information about the past history of our species on this planet, and mankind’s true purpose and future destiny.
The more you learn about crystal skulls, the more you realize the power of multiple crystal skulls. Infact, thirteen skulls seems to be the common denominator among most crystal skull legends. The Native American Cherokee Medicine Man, Harley Swift-Dear Reagan is said to have quoted: “The skulls were kept inside a pyramid inside a formation of tremendous power known as the Ark. The Ark was comprised of twelve skulls from each of the sacred planets kept in a circle, with the thirteenth skull, the largest, placed in the centre of this formation. This thirteenth skull represents the collective consciousness of all worlds. It connects up all the knowledge of the sacred planets.” However, the basic elements of the thirteen skulls legend is that at a pivotal time in humanity history, the 13 crystal skulls will be reunited to awaken a new era – transforming from an old paradigm into a new world.
Believers in the power of crystal skulls have made fantastic claims about their abilities. They say that they are depositaries of knowledge, and each skull contains a complete specialist area of information – like a living library. According to them, the people of the future capable of “reading” the skulls will one day be able to extract the knowledge in them once they are assembled together. Of course, the knowledge that is going to come out of the skulls is unimaginable for our current minds, nonetheless the legends say that at a certain time it will come out. It has been prophetised. However, whether us humans will then use that knowledge for good or for our own destruction is down to our preparations.
Crystal skulls also seem to exhibit paranormal powers such as healing the sick, powers over death, control people’s minds, break emotional or mental blocks, aid psychic abilities, be a catalyst for a positive change in a person’s life, and so on. However, even though many may not believe in such things, everyone agrees crystal skulls do have one undeniable quality – the power to fascinate.
Infact, they fuel so many controversies and fascination that also the scientific world has taken great interest in them for decades. In 2005 an anthropologist at the Smithsonian Institution examined several crystal skulls and found that the cuts into the skulls unmistakably showed evidence of modern, not ancient, carving techniques. According to him, not only were the cuts done with modern lapidary wheels, but the skulls themselves were polished with modern machines. But are all crystal skulls simply ingenious fakes or are they really the computers of the ancients, capable of storing important information that will help humanity to pass into the new golden age? And if so, how old are the authentic ones? Where do they originate from? Are they modern, Aztec, Mayan or did they come from some unknown civilization all together?
In an attempt to answer these questions, Ann Mitchell-Hedges, the owner of the most magnificent and perfect crystal skull of all, loaned her skull to one of the leading computer companies, Hewlett-Packard, for rigorous scientific testing.
First of all the scientists were completely unable to determine the age of the skull, as crystal cannot be carbon-dated. But what surprised the scientists most was that the skull and its detachable jaw were made from the same massive piece of pure, natural rock crystal. As crystal is only slightly softer than diamond, this finding was truly incredible, because with modern diamond-tipped tools, it would have been impossible to carve such an object without shattering it. And when the skull was examined under intense magnification the scientists were in for an even bigger surprise – they were unable to find any evidence of tools having been used to make the skull at all. A fact which led one member of the staff to comment: “This skull shouldn’t even exist.” Here was an object that simply defied explanation. It showed no evidence of existing technology used in its construction, no tools markings either ancient or modern. Infact, the scientists at Hewlett-Packard said they were simply not prepared for the only alternative explanation – that the skull had not been done by humans.
However, regardless of the sources from which these mysterious skulls originated from (brought here by ET’s, from Atlantis, Lemuria, the Hidden Earth, etc), whether they are fake or really ancient, one day I, too, had a fabulous, personal experience with one of them which made me understand fully at least one truth about them.

Posted February 11, 2019 by xarazerion