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22 January, 2011: I suddenly feel very tired, always more, so much so that I can barely keep my eyes open. I know I’m about to fall into a trance, but I don’t fight it. On the contrary, I sit down and wait for it to happen. The moment I do so, I plunge into complete darkness for God only knows how long as time stops in that mental state.
Then, all of a sudden, I wake up – my mind wakes up – and I find myself in a precise situation: I’m an innocent, three year old child, and I’m caught between two forces. My left hand is in my father’s hand who’s pulling me towards him because he wants me to go away with him, only I can’t do that because my right hand is firmly attached to a giant womb (so big that it’s beyond my comprehension). It contains hundreds and thousands of aborted children! Yes, they’re all dead. They were never born … But my father insists that it’s not true. He says there’s nothing in there. He promises that if I let go off that womb, he’ll give me a nice present (I always get nice gifts from him.). All I must do is admit that the unborn kids don’t exist and he’ll give me anything I want, but I don’t want anything from him! I just want is to know what happened to those children.
I’m so disgusted by his attitude that I start to kick him in the legs and to scream with all my might:”I don’t want anything from you! Why have all those children died? They were like me. Tell me about them. I want to know their story. Why didn’t they come to the surface (into this world) like I have? You’re a liar. You adults are all liars! I have everything and they – nothing! Why were they never born?”
I find myself completely blocked in this tragic situation: my father pulling me away and me wanting to remain firmly attached to the giant womb containing the unborn kids – I don’t want to leave them! I continue fighting with all my strength to maintain my position until, finally, I overpower my father. He can’t handle me any longer simply because I’m too right and he’s too wrong! Infact, he gives up and says: “Yes. It’s true..! That womb is full of unborn kids. They’re all dead because they’ve been murdered.”
The moment he pronounces these words of great truth, the war between the two forces ends, thus setting me free. The next second, I woke up.
That night, I saw on television that hundreds and thousands of anti-abortion activists had gathered together in below freezing temperatures in Washington DC for the annual mass protest, March For Life, against the 1973 Supreme Court decision which legalized abortion in the United States.
It touches me to tears to think that the unborn kids have chosen to remain one next to the other (in the astral realms) in a maternal womb – that’s how great their need for a mother is! And they’re so pure that the only way I could contact them was by being a child myself as it’s impossible for an adult person to go anywhere near them after what they’ve done to them.

It’s interesting to note how, on 22 January, 2011, many youth who attended the Washington DC protest commented on the powerful witness of seeing so many other young people supporting life:
“It’s touching to see how many people are against abortion,” said Hannah Jackson, 14, who spent 18 hours traveling on a bus from Jerseyville, Ill., to attend the March For Life events in Washington.
“We’re just one youth group,” said Hunter Bryant, 13, also from Jerseyville. “It’s amazing to see how many people believe the same thing that we do.”
Kevin Kehoe, 13, travelled with his sister, brother, two cousins and eight bus loads of people from the Diocese of Springfield, Ill., to take part.
“Hopefully, the march will make politicians realize the importance of saving innocent lives,” said Kehoe. “The unborn are future lives that could change society and the world.”

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