Alien with a silver skin

During an astral voyage ahead in time, I found myself flying with my astral body over a large, uncontaminated lake. It was so big that the waves on its surface were high like those of the sea when it is agitated. On the beach, and also in the lake, there were many big, white birds with long necks like flamingos and legs far too short in relation to the rest of the body. The air there was so pure and uncontaminated that I wondered where I was. Was I really ahead in time, or behind, long before civilization began?
I thought that world was completely uninhabited, but then I saw in the distance a group of farmers, carrying axes and shovels on their shoulders, walking on their way to work in the fields. They were very humble, probably illiterate, strong and full of vitality. Amongst them there was a strange humanoid, about two metres tall, with a beautiful, athletic body and long, curly black hair that fell to his shoulders. He was identical to a human being, only his skin was extremely thick, resilient and silver in colour. It was impossible to harm him, not even if you stabbed him with a knife or shot a bullet at him! I sensed with the excellent perception of the sixth sense that he had developed that amazing feature through centuries of evolution on a planet where the sun was very close to the surface, not distant like ours.He looked so handsome as he walked half-naked in the middle of the farmers, clad with only a pair of white, flowing trousers tucked in white leather boots. I wondered where his planet of origin was. The farmers couldn’t see me, but the alien with the silver skin could because he was clairvoyant. In fact, he raised his head to look at me.

As I watched him strolling cheerfully in the middle of the farmers, I noticed that they were not in the least afraid of a superman like him, who could easily subjugate them if he wanted to. They knew the people of his race since time immemorial and had learned to love and trust them. Then I saw in the distance an old man riding on horseback. He was pushing that poor beast as fast as it could go because he was eager to reach the farmers. They were his friends and he loved them, although the love he had for the humanoid had no equal – he was the apple of his eye!

The man on horseback was also exceptionally strong and vigorous, just as much as the farmers were, even though he was about seventy years old. He was wearing a yellow uniform with the Star of David stitched on the righthand side of the jacket He could also see me, so he waved his hand to say hello. Only many years later, I understood that this was my very first encounter with a noble of the Royal Celeste Kingdom.

Posted December 19, 2018 by xarazerion