The divine snow in a peculiar, denser form, similar to cotton wool.

In these recent years, I am starting to see the divine snow in a peculiar, denser form, similar to cotton wool. Actually, I only saw this extremely high technology of the future once and I doubt I will ever be able to see something so advanced again because the snow in this form is not compatible with our 3d type of reality.

April 2010: I was walking with my astral body in the woods near my home, my head bathed by the blithe evening air and my heart uplifted by the beauty of the nature that surrounded me, when all of a sudden my attention was caught by a strange, squeaking sound. I turned my head around and saw such an incredible scene that I challenge anyone to imagine it!
A few metres from where I was standing, there was a white, cocoon-like spacecraft composed entirely of divine cotton wool. It was piloted by a group of tiny astronauts pedalling on tricycles. They were human beings like us, only they were barely one metre tall. I laughed when I realised that one of the wheels of the tricycles was squeaking because it needed some oil – such a trivial problem for such a sophisticated vehicle!
I noticed though, that the cocoon had a large tear in the front, on the nose, but even so the immense travelling power of the divine snow remained intact. In fact, I saw it descending smoothly from the sky to go and park on a small bush in front of me – the last, small pause it made before speeding off to the Moon in only a few minutes!
As I watched those tiny astronauts, light years ahead in time from us, I was thrilled by the intense joy I felt emanating from them – the silence and simplicity in which they lived – a condition which is completely unknown to us. The only awkward sound there came from an old wheel because everything in that world is natural and perfect as only nature can be.

Posted December 19, 2018 by xarazerion