A wormhole is a short-cut through space-time, predicted by Relativity. It can be visualized as a tunnel with two ends (A and B), each at different points in the universe. You enter the mouth of a wormhole and instantly exist to any place in the universe or even to one of the countless other universes that may exit

Theoretically, wormholes can be used to cut not just through space but through time as well. They are so tiny that a person can barley fit inside. This is why advanced beings on the “other side” use them mainly for contact and communication throughout the universe.

Wormholes can connect extremely long distances such as a billion light years or more, short distances such as a few metres, different universes, or different points in space and time.

Since they have discovered the existence of worm-holes in space, scientists have been asking themselves that if it is true that we can travel through them to alien worlds why haven’t advanced aliens visited our world? Are we really special?

Two interesting questions I bumped into myself one day, when I met face to face with this older-than-time secret which altered my way of thinking forever.

Fig. 70 – I was pleasantly chatting over a cup of tea with Nathalie, a wood artist, immersed in her latest collection of amazing wooden sculptures, when I had one of the most a significant visions of my life: our world perforated by hundreds and thousands of tiny wormholes through which aliens constantly communicate with people all over the world! Even Nathalie’s house was connected to one them. In fact, this young artist not only received a constant flow of inspiration from this connection but also a supernatural supply of physical energy to go about her job! Moreover, because the glance of the third eye is spherical and can hence show in one second a 360 degree vision of any given situation, in that instant, I saw that I am also constantly connected to a wormhole through my crown chakra.

The ways to connect to a wormhole are infinite as any location, object or chakra can contain one. This must be the reason why some houses are infested by strange presences and why some objects are said to have magical powers that can change the lives of the people who possess them. Maybe this is the reason why there are so many legends of magic rings capable of producing gold, books which contain invaluable knowledge and powerful spells, flying carpets, magic mirrors through which you can see anywhere in the cosmos, cloaks that make you invisible, fail-not bows that never miss the mark, Cupid’s arrows that makes you instantly fall in love, sheilds capable of offering “heavenly” protection, seven-league boots which allow the wearer to make strides of seven leagues in length and so on. What for us are only legends and incredible phenomena, find a simple explanation when one considers Earth-space comunication with alien intelligence whose technology is light years ahead in time from us.

At this point, I cannot help wondering whether all those geniuses such as Tesla, Einstein, Rosen, Max Planck, Srivanasa Ramanujan, Sigmund Freud, Steve Jobs and many others, who contributed towards creating the world we are experiencing today, were actually inspired by extraterrestrials and were communicating with them through worm-holes. And if so, what are their plans for our future?

Posted December 19, 2018 by xarazerion