The culture, science, technology, art, fashion, homes, means of transport and communication, luxuries and let’s just say “way of life” of the people of the Parallel World goes beyond anything we can possibly imagine at our present stage of evolution, in the same way as our modern world's sky-scrapers,  jumbo jets, space shuttles, Ferraris, satellite televisions, Blackberries, iPads, iPods, shopping malls, power stations, atomic bombs and so on certainly went beyond the wildest fantasies of Man in the Stone Age. “Those ones”, who live on the other side, have a personality which is not separate either from God, nor from the rest of the world. Because of this, they can enter inside anything that exists in the physical world and become one with it. They BECOME that object!  For them, matter lies in a total oneness, where there is no such thing as separation. What is so fantastic is that THIS is the TRUE nature of the world we live in. We are the ones who aren’t normal - not them!

The Master, Aurobindo, said that: Man is a transitional being - he’s not final. Was he right?


A few months after I finished channelling the Seven, one day, during a trance, I began to communicate perfectly well with what seemed like alien intelligence, coming from very, very far away in space and in time. They say they are what we know as “God the Father”, and They are one but They are many at the same time.  This is why when I write their messages, I sometimes use the single form, “God the Father”, and sometimes the plural, “Our Fathers”, according to how He (God) relates to me on every occasion.

The following are some of Their messages:

November 1996

We come from the distant past, from so long ago that it is unimaginable! We are the Royal Celeste Kingdom - the Fathers of the human race - and all that is related to us is in the order of number 7. Seven are the colours of the rainbow, seven are the Principle Chakras, seven are the colours of refracted light, seven are the major musical notes, God created the world in seven days, there are seven days in a week, the book of the Revelation was written by Saint John in a number seven sequence, there are seventy two angels in the Sephiroth, seven are the Elohim, the angels who stand in the presence of God’s throne, and so on. All that comes from us, also our laws and regulations, are in the order of this number. We have seven kings and seven queens, seventeen princes and seventeen princesses, seventy-seven ministers, fifty-seven high priests, sixty- seven high priestesses and so on.

Actually, my Fathers told me much, much more in mathematical, astronomical, scientific and technical terms, very complicated things that I could only understand when I was in contact with them, but as soon as I came back to the normal plane of consciousness, in our three dimensional type of reality, I could only remember the simple similarities I stated above.  I couldn’t bring back with me even one of those difficult things. They were all erased from my conscious memory.

Our story, They continued, is written in the Bible in the order of number 7, and our symbol is the Star of David. Then They concluded with a very sweet: Love, tenderness and passion from the stars.

A few days later, I received another important message from Them:

Be happy and positive as pure cosmic energy is not compatible with all that is negative. When you are happy and at peace consciously, your vibrations rise. This makes you spontaneously come into contact with us. All that is negative prevents this movement up towards us because negativity immediately lowers the frequency of your bodies. If we want to help you when you are in need, and we hear you when you cry out for help, we cannot intervene if you block the flowing of higher vibrations. Everything that happens to you and the world depends on the quality of your vibrations, on the flowing of the energy. If you keep your vibrations high and pure intentionally, by keeping your heart light and full of love and purity, nothing can harm you, not even fire. You can pass through burning flames without burning!

            Don't be attached to material things. All those things which you now consider important will mean nothing in the New World that soon will be.  Don't fuss over your house, your money, your career, your family. All these things already belong to the past.  In the New World,  pain and suffering will be transcended forever … and you will be eternally happy!  The interstellar union between you and us will soon be re-established. Everything between us will once again be as it was in the past, before what you call “the original sin”. 

            The passage from the old world into the new one will be painful and traumatic, but it’s positive pain, like the pain a woman goes through during childbirth. We promise, though, that nothing can harm those who are consciously working to keep their vibrations high. It is also necessary that you pursue physical purity by eating well, pure, uncontaminated food, and keep your minds cleansed with meditation, although what is most important is that you maintain a high frequency. Remain positive and happy, no matter what. Make that effort, then you will see how you will never lose contact with us.

 After receiving this last message, I was shown through my third eye the point in space where their spaceships enter into our dimension from theirs. It is something like an energetic passage inside the Orion Belt. Maybe this is the reason why the three Giza Pyramids in Egypt have been constructed following the position of these three stars - to remind us that there is an ultra dimensional hole there!

It wasn’t easy for the Seven Masters of the Star of David to bring their messages to 3d Earth three hundred years in advance.

Gregg Braden defines this very special period of history we are living in as, The Collective Initiation. A time of purification in which the suffering of the individual must be overcome because this is the only way in which our planet will survive. This is the reason why, today, so many people are going through so much pain in their lives. All the pain from the past, even from our past lives, is re-emerging insistently because it wants to be healed by us once and for all.

Everything that is not harmonious in our lives and that causes pain, is about to fall to pieces in this phase of The Collective Initiation: wrong relationships, bad habits and addictions, negative behaviours, wrong ways of thinking and behaving and so on. All those negative karmic models, which we are so used to (many of them come from past lives), are now imposing themselves with great force in our current lives, repeating themselves insistently, so we can recognise and abandon them. And the more we refuse to heal them, the more the pain caused by these destructive tendencies will intensify. This is why to continue today with the old model of suffering is useless and absurd.

The purification process that is going on at the present moment is not at all easy for anyone, but once it is complete, many lives will be happier. The suffering of the individual is just as devastating and oppressive for him/her as catastrophes and natural disasters are for our poor Earth. The reason why so many dramatic events such as: the 9\11 terrorist attacks at the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon in 2001; the tsunami in Indonesia in 2004; Hurricane Katrina which destroyed New Orleans in 2005;  the London Bombings in 2005; the earthquake in Pakistan in 2005; the earthquake in China in 2008; the collapse of the Wall Street Stock Market in 2008; the earthquake in Haiti in 2009; the Arab Spring which began in Tunisia on the 17th December, 2010 and spread throughout the Arab World and its surroundings, causing many protests, riots and civil wars; the tsunami in Japan on March 11th, 2011, which caused a major nuclear disaster along the coast, and so on have kept on repeating themselves in these recent years is to force nations to change their political systems to honour life on Earth, not to destroy it.

In the same way, individual suffering forces people to release and re-vitalize all that is blocking their energy. Unfortunately, those who are not able to face the purification of The Collective Initiation are leaving the planet in multitudes and what is so sad is that many of them are dying young.

The healing of Mother Earth coincides with the personal healing of each and everyone of us. Every family, group or community which heals itself, helps our beloved Earth to heal itself. The chaos in which we seem to be living at the present moment is part of this incomplete process. And when everything and everyone on the Earth will be finally healed, every person, family and nation, then the new era of peace and prosperity will manifest itself.

The vibrational leap of the future, to which the ancients had even given a name, The Shift of the Ages, was supposed to occur around 2012, but this date is not definite. It could have happened as far back as in 2010, or  it can be a few years ahead in time from now, in 2020, or even much further. It all depends upon the channelling of divine energy throughout the entire planet.

The New World we are moving into is external and internal. It is in another dimension. This is why channelling divine light with enlightenment vehicles such as Reiki, Ngalso Self Healing, Tibetan Pulsing, Rebirthing, Pranic Healing, Yoga, Martial Arts and so forth is so important. It’s another way of existing, in another dimension which is here, in this same old world, only it vibrates beyond the space and time laws of the third dimension.

  • The man of the future is a man who is clear: an empty vessel for God.

The more you purify yourself internally, the more the God in you will emerge from your centre and the easier it will be for you to land on the other side, where FEAR connected to the old model of survival has been transcended forever and where money isn’t necessary anymore. Somewhat like when one day, a long time ago, the first amphibians were thrown by the sea onto some lonely beach, from water onto solid land, where they just HAD to learn how to walk on their fins, which in time evolved into feet and legs.

Sri Aurobindo suggests: Be simple. By this he means not to let that thought which organises everything, which regulates and controls all things, take over your life.  By “simple”, Aurobindo means to try and find that condition which makes you feel spontaneously happy when you express yourself, when you move, in every moment of your life. Try and find that condition which the master defines as divine, a condition which is naturally happy and spontaneously full of love.

The Seven say there isn’t much time left.  They say that: Mankind has had 26,000 years at its disposal to evolve … and that’s enough. The new, evolved human race (the sixth) cannot bring negativity into the new world it is moving into simply because negativity is not compatible with the energy of the new world. This is just a natural process.  After having had five senses for so long, now human beings are developing the sixth and seventh sense (the superior senses) which will bring them spontaneously into the fourth and fifth dimensions. Millions, if not billions of years ago, the New World evolved far beyond all that is negative. NEGATIVITY IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE ENERGY OF THE NEW WORLD.

The five principal human races are: Europeans, American Indians, Chinese, Africans, and Asians. All the different races have different features, skin colour, traditions, religions and culture but, basically, they are all the same. This is why the Seven Masters of the Star of David calls them simply “the fifth race”.

The people of the fifth race are still so taken by the old model of pure survival that: They just carry on stuffing themselves with as much of the cake as possible and damn be the consequences! So the Seven say! And they continue with this primitive behaviour even when they have more than enough for themselves and for their families. These people move through life by grabbing and snatching as much as possible at every occasion, without respect for anything, not even for themselves, let alone for God. Money is their God!

The sixth race, on the other hand, can  belong to any of the five common races and often they are of mixed-race, but they are very different from the old species in their ways and mentality. Their life is based upon compassion, for they know that it is only through love that they can reach enlightenment. They respect themselves, others, the environment and they work very hard, constantly, to help create a better world for everyone. And last, but not least, many of those who belong to the sixth race have developed either the sixth or the seventh sense - if not both the superior senses. In other words they can see with the third eye.

  • Usually, they are born from the 1950’s onwards.
  • They have magnetic eyes and charismatic personalities.
  • They often look much younger than their chronological age.
  • They don’t conform to rules easily, but they are forgiving of others.
  • They are sensitive and telepathic; this is why they have a lot of blue in their auras (colour of the third eye chakra, located between the eyebrows).
  • They can read people, so it is very difficult to lie to them. They hate lies.
  • They are usually so full of energy that most of them are even hyperactive.
  • They have a mission to accomplish in life and they don’t find peace if they don’t align with it.
  • They give unconditional love without expecting anything in return.
  • They will not settle down for just any love. They want to share deep love only with their soulmate because they can’t conceive a love that’s less than this.
  • They perceive themselves as precious, enlightened people and can suffer if they aren’t recognised as such.
  • If they aren’t able to express themselves, or if they are misunderstood, they can suffer from nervous break-downs, allergies and food problems such as anorexia and bulimia.
  • They are often politically aware.
  • Some are perfectionists to the extent that they can’t relax if things aren’t placed in order in the way they like it; but this is not an obsessive behaviour. It’s rather a profound sense of organisation.
  • Even though they love company and conversation, they often need to be alone and in silence.
  • At a certain point of their spiritual growth, many of them change their name. It fulfills the prophecy in the Bible which says: To the winners I will give a stone on which is written a name which no one knows, save who receives it.
  • They are creative, artistic and with a good ear for music.
  • They have developed a superior sensitivity and have learnt to react by following their intuition instantly so they sometimes behave impulsively, creating embarrassing situations around them.
  • They hardly ever sleep because their mind is perfectly awake and active during deep sleep, nevertheless this type of lucid dreaming permits their bodies to rest and regenerate far more than normal sleep.
  • They often speak to their spirit guides, angels, and to God.
  • They pray regularly and are bewildered by those who don’t believe in God.
  • Many of them are born healers.
  • They are attracted by the Magic Arts and the Paranormal.
  • They remember their past lives.
  • They love crystals and staying in close contact with nature.
  • Many are vegetarians.
  • They heal quickly from cuts and bruises.
  • They have dreams and astral voyages in which they live and breathe underwater.
  • The DNA of the sixth race has two active codons more than that of common human beings.

Both the internal and the external worlds are ONE. The new species is aware of this, this is why they are basing their lives always more on faith, brotherhood, love and forgiveness. They are ascending from the duality of the third dimension to the ONENESS of the fourth and fifth dimensions.  The global healing and awakening of the earth signals the passage from a life based upon separation, fear and fighting, to one based upon unity, peace and love. Jesus referred to this process when he said: The humble will inherit the land.

            The evolutionary progression unfolding at the present moment, is manifesting itself through a rapid acceleration of events in all fields: environmental (natural disasters), social (wars, terrorist attacks, financial crises and so forth) and the individual sphere of  emotions. It is a period of great imbalance, which precedes a new balance. Our Fathers say it will end shortly. It is in full acceleration at the present moment and, because of this, we are living in a period of transition between two worlds where everything in life seems to move at an incredible speed, a phenomenon which is under the eyes of everyone and whose side-effects are: tiredness, anguish, unease, insomnia, panic attacks, feeling lost and many others. If you are unaware of the nature of this process, it can make it seem very frightening, whereas understanding its profound beauty and meaning enables us not only to walk through it safely but also to experience it thoroughly.

A few days ago, I saw a scene with zoom of the third eye: an endless row of space-ships, suspended one next to the other in mid-air, waiting for the moment at which our two worlds will overlap. They are at Zero Point right now, at this very moment, because time runs faster in the Parallel World, whereas for us the time is yet to come.

Expect the last act



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