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I have been lucky enough to see one of the few cities of the future only once in my life. It was in what we now call the Sahara Desert and it was composed entirely of pyramids made of stone. Floating in the sky above it was a gigantic mother spaceship with an open gate-way through which hundreds of tiny flying saucers flew in and out, going to and from the pyramids. While I was viewing this simple but very beautiful earth-connected-to-sky metropolis of the Royal Celeste Kingdom, I was thrilled by the total silence there! The only sound was the fury of the wind because, at that moment, there was a sand storm. It had been years since anyone uttered a word in that world because the means of communication of the people of the Royal Celeste Kingdom is telepathy. My spirit guide explained that, as I could see for myself, also in the future the gods continue living in their beloved Middle-Eastern Desert, just as they did in the past, millions of years ago.

Posted November 9, 2018 by xarazerion

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