The Oneness of the fourth and fifth dimensions   Leave a comment

In time, after having remembered this behaviour of the people in the Parallel World, I have seen it done many other times. The “aliens”, who are often identical to us, that live in the Parallel World, have a personality which is not separate neither from God nor from the rest of the world. Because of this, they can enter inside any given object and become one with it. They become that object! For them, the world is soft, without barriers, and everything is ONE. The people of the Parallel World have always lived here, together with us, only we can’t see them because their bodies vibrate on a very high frequency, beyond the reach of the normal five senses. For them, it is natural to do things like walk inside the wall of your bedroom and stay in there for weeks, if not for months, without you being able to see them. But they can see you, even though their bodies have become that wall. The only difference is that the molecules of the wall are unconscious, whilst theirs certainly are not! I assure you that while in there, they are capable of maintaining their personalities integral all the time, because they remain forever conscious. But even though they behave like this, they never violate anyone’s privacy, simply because they cannot (the Divine Plan is perfect and free from errors).

Posted November 9, 2018 by xarazerion

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