The configuration of Pangea corresponds to a unique super human race who are at one with God and the body of the world.

As many other prophets and mediums of the past I, too, am beginning to tune in with yet another great terrestrial change which seems to confirm the biblical revelations about the end of the world. The first time I contacted it was in the year 2005, when one morning I woke up with a start because I felt as if for some odd reason my pyjamas had shrunk a few sizes, but when I opened my eyes to look at what had happened, I saw that it wasn’t my body that was enclosed tightly in the shrunken pyjamas – it was the body of the world that had lost as many as two continents! I was shocked to perceive (with the sixth sense) the configuration of what I knew represented the New World of the future: North and South America had both sunk under the ocean, Australia had clashed against Africa and pushed this whole continent against Europe which, in turn, had clashed against Asia, thus forming an immense mass of land.

I don’t know whether all this will happen immediately after Zero Point or many years later. However, what I do know for certain is that it will happen in the future because we are not separate from the world. It is therefore, ineluctable that when the sixth race will enter permanently into the oneness of the fourth and fifth dimensions (with the superior senses) also Earth will once again have only one super continent, as it was at the beginning of evolution. It broke up into various pieces when our consciousness began evolving through the various eras and began separating itself progressively from the oneness of creation. In fact, the five continents correspond to the five human races with their fragmented consciousness. Instead, the configuration of Pangea corresponds to a unique super race who are at one with God and the body of the world.

Posted December 19, 2018 by xarazerion