The imbalance of the ecosystem today.

The Earth inside the square represents the balance of the Ecosystem before 1987. The Earth beneath represents the imbalance today. Both these conditions are perfect because the Divine Plan is perfect! (Extra sensory perception of the third eye which sees in symbols).

As the Earth’s pulse carries on rising, the rotation of the Earth around its axis is diminishing. Gregg Braden calls Zero Point the moment at which these two parameters will one day meet at their maximum level, thus causing the vibrational leap that will bring mankind into the fourth and fifth dimensions.
However, all this information shouldn’t be considered worrisome or negative. In the past, we have had many such vibrational leaps and the ancients warn that they spontaneously occur every 13,000 years, midway between the 26,000 years of the Equinox procession.

Be prepared for all the changes that will soon bring us into a new era of peace and light. We are moving rapidly towards a time in which money will no longer exist and where all those concepts based on FEAR will be gone forever

Posted December 19, 2018 by xarazerion