The Oneness of the fourth and fifth dimensions

But what does real matter look like, the physical world as it is, that in which Mere’s body (the consciousness of our Mother) used to travel instantly and everywhere?

With the following experience, I will attempt to explain in a simple way the soft world, without barriers, of the fourth and fifth dimensions, which fascinated our Mother so much.

Every time I go into the future, I always find myself in Africa. It happened also on the instance I discuss below.

Early one morning, just as I was waking up, my conscience was suddenly projected into my body of the future, shortly after Zero Point. Once again, I found myself walking in awe and in wonder with a group of people in the majestic African bush when, all of a sudden, I saw one of my friends walking inside a tree and becoming one with it. He BECAME that very tree! Yes, incredible as it may sound, this is precisely how it went. The boy stopped in front of a tree, absorbed in concentration, then he took one step forward and walked into it, disappearing from my sight. Usually, when I find myself on the other side, I am always completely enlightened. This is why I could also feel the boy’s presence inside that tree, and I also knew that he was smiling in there because he felt particularly happy. Actually, he was having a ball!

Not even in my wildest dreams had I ever thought it possible that someone could walk physically inside a tree, but for some strange reason, what had just happened didn’t seem new to me. It was more like déjà vu which reminded me vaguely of something I used to know very well a long, long time ago, only I had forgotten it.

What that boy had just done fascinated me beyond words and, at the same time, it seemed quite familiar, so, after thinking over it for a few seconds, I decided to give it a try. I walked towards another tree and tried contacting it with the superior senses. After a few moments of deep concentration, I realised with great wonder that there wasn’t a single barrier between that tree and myself – because this IS the TRUE nature of the world we are in – so I took one step forward and walked into it, penetrating it as if it was butter, just like my friend had done a while before.

The moment I stepped in there, my body became hard and stiff because I had become part of the tree trunk and, at the same time, I could feel lymph flowing in me through things like veins transporting food and vital substances from the roots to the crown of the tree, covered with leaves. I could actually feel this fantastic water movement in me, in contrast with the rigidity of my body! I then looked up towards my branches, stretching out to capture the warm and luminous rays of the sun, and I too began to laugh. What lovely sensations I was feeling in there! I had become a tree and never would I have thought that there is so much life, movement, light, love, peace and happiness in the vegetable world. No words can describe how fantastic it felt to be part of a living forest! Yes, the God in me had become part of a tree which, in turn, was part of a forest, and I was consciously part of it all. Most surprising of all was that even though I was one with the tree and the forest, my personality remained whole! I was a God in a human body, yet, at the same time, I was still the usual, insignificant myself.

I think that this is just one of the many different ways in which our bodies will function in the New World. Mother used to say that it is something immense that looks rather silly. How right she was! Although it isn’t really something new but rather a way of living that we once knew very well, a long, long time ago, only we have forgotten it.

Posted December 19, 2018 by xarazerion