The Presentation of the Third Eye

The first time I saw it, the third eye said to me, “You have forgotten me but I havent forgotten you”.

New Moon – February 1998 7.00 am.: While I was sleeping, I suddenly woke up with my astral body (the physical one was sleeping soundly). I immediately began trying desperately to reconnect with my physical body to awaken it, but it was impossible. (At that time, I was still terrified of these altered states of consciousness because, if I entered in one, I could easily see ghosts … and I didn’t want to see them!). Then, all of a sudden, I saw a beautiful scene: in front of my eyes, about ten centimetres from my forehead, I saw an eye. It was exactly between my physical eyes, a little higher, between the eyebrows. It wasn’t a “real” eye but it was the figure of an eye immersed in a bright, white light which moved around it in a spiral. My whole vision was completely absorbed by this image. The eye had a mind and it radiated peace, joy, love and also a force, an enormous power to my whole being, so much so that I wasn’t afraid of anything anymore! It told me (telepathically) that, as I could see for myself, it truly existed. It wasn’t a myth! Then it said: “You have forgotten me, but I haven’t forgotten you!” I was so enraptured by this extraordinary presentation that I remained motionless for God only knows how long, constantly absorbing intense love and power. Then, all of a sudden, everything ended and I woke up to a wonderful morning, full of sunshine, in spite of the cold weather. It’s always so when I have such powerful contacts with the divine.

Posted December 19, 2018 by xarazerion