Vision of the souls of the dead – soon they will resurrect

All of a sudden, my psychic vision opened in front of a magnificent scene: an infinite number of luminous white spheres, flowing into the depths of space. In the nucleus of each sphere there was an embryo which was so alive that it moved incessantly! My entire vision was taken by those spheres whose halos were so bright that they created a florescent white fog suspended over them. They were so many that I couldn’t conceive neither where they originated from, nor where they ended.
With me there was someone who spoke to me and said: “Those spheres are the souls of the dead. They are moving like that because they are full of life (vital force)! Soon they will resurrect!” I was so taken by what I was viewing, that I couldn’t even turn around to look at who had spoken to me.

Posted December 19, 2018 by xarazerion