Vertical Time – continuation

Vertical Time - continuation

I stood there, staring at it in wonder as it glided smoothly above my head in circles. Then it plummeted from the sky and began heading straight for the road there in front of me, clearly intending to land on it. That’s when it changed form once again. This time it transformed into a van which landed silently on the tarmac, without braking and without sound, and it instantly began racing on the road at about 80 km per hour. And that’s not all. The next second, the back door of the van opened and two men on motorcycles flew out and landed on the tarmac, with the front of the bikes facing the rear of the van. Again, when the motorcycles touched the ground they did so silently and then they too began to race instantly along the road at about 80 km per hour, behind the van. That “thing” changed form three times in a few seconds. From the symbolic (static) form in the clouds into a flying space craft which transformed into a van and even launched a couple of men on motorcycles behind it! In our reference system, if a motorbike should fall down from a vehicle in motion it would crash to the ground and slide away at least 30/40 metres from the site of the accident; most probably the passenger would be killed on the spot. The first to speak about instant movements in a vertical time, new at every second was, as usual, our beloved Mother: In the usual state of consciousness, one does something FOR something. For instance, all those Vedic rishis had a goal: for them the goal was to find immortality. At any level there is always a goal. We ourselves speak of “supramental realisation”. But not so long ago, I don’t know what happened, something took hold of me; it wasn’t a thought, it wasn’t a sensation, but rather something like a condition: the unreality of the goal – not its unreality: its uselessness. Not even uselessness: the non existence of the goal. It’s … Now, there is a sort of absoluteness in every single second, every movement to the most material – the sense of sequence has disappeared. The sequence has disappeared: this is not the “cause” of that, this is not done “for” that; one isn’t aiming at “that”- all that seems … It’s rather peculiar. An innumerable, perpetual and simultaneous absolute. The sense of connection is gone, the sense of cause and effect is gone: all that belongs to the world of time and space. Each … each what? I can’t say “movement”, or “state of consciousness”, or “vibration” (all these notions still belong to our mode of perception), so I say “thing” – “thing” doesn’t mean anything. Each “thing” carries in itself its own absolute law. There is total lack of cause and effect, goal, intention. This type of connection (Mother made a horizontal gesture) doesn’t exist: only that (vertical gesture). Something that has neither cause, nor effect, nor continuation, nor intention – intention of what! It’s like this (same vertical gesture). A vertical time, new at every second. (The Mind of the Cells – Satprem).

Posted December 19, 2018 by xarazerion