Vision of the Earth covered by angels

In 1987 – year that signed the beginning of the passage into the New Golden Age of Aquarius – God the Father divided 3D Earth in many squares composed of two latitudes intersecting two longitudes. He then handed over to His angels all the people living in them to help them during the difficult environmental and evolutionary changes that were going to occur on Earth from then on. Each angel was given one square. The angels then began emanating from Heaven a strong purifying light (you can also call it the Holy Spirit) upon all the people in their custody to help them become enlightened as soon as possible, for they knew that Buddhahood was essential to mankind in this phase of their evolution. However, as the years went by they soon found out that most people preferred living in the materialism and sufferance of 3D Earth and had no intention whatsoever of becoming enlightened. This is why, at a certain point the angels stopped emanating the light of the Holy Spirit upon them. In God’s creation – as we all know – there is free will.

Infact, in the year 2007, I saw in a vision that only about 10 per cent of humanity continued wanting to receive regularly the divine light emanated by the angels upon themselves, and in their lives. The selection was hence extremely drastic, much more than expected. This caused a lot of difficulties to the chosen ones, for they ended up having to channel a hundred times more light than they were supposed to, in a rather short period of time. In other words, the divine light that at the beginning of the purification fell equally upon approximately 200,0000 individuals per square, eventually began concentrating upon only 2000 people per square. The result: too much divine energy, too quickly! This is the reason why the chosen ones find it particularly difficult to remain mentally stable and in good health as they walk steadily down the path of complete enlightenment. I did this drawing especially for the new sixth race to help them understand fully what’s happening to them in this particular phase of the Collective Initiation.

Posted December 19, 2018 by xarazerion